Now You can Feed a Sheep With IOTA’s!

Yes thats right!
Didn’t you heard about yet? its so funny!
This project has been developed by a IOTA fan, located at Czech Republic, and its a very amazing the way it has been all put together.

The web explains all the details, but in case you want a resume, the system allows you to see in real time, a webcam thats pointing to the sheeps, and you can see them eating when you pay with IOTA’s!!

Here you can see the live-feed webcam, and joining the website you can see the form that allows you to make a donation.
The minimum donation is 0.5 Miotas, so you can give them food for just 0.5 Miotas !!
In case you like the project, you are free to make this amount a little bit bigger 🙂
Also, remember to add your name in the field when you make the IOTA transfer, since it will appear in the screen! something you dont want to miss 🙂

In case you wonder why the system is not feeding the Sheep, thats becuase its just done once every 15 minutres, that means you might need to wait a few minutes before your payment makes them eat a fresh and tasty gourmet meal 🙂
If this limitation was avoided, the sheeps would be eating constantly! Something we need to avoid.

At Iotashine we designed a beatiful IOTA T-Shirt  with a Sheep to suport this project.
In case you like it, feel free to click the Image Below, so you check it and maybe get one for you, they are so cute!
IOTA TShirt Sheep

iota tshirt

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