IOTA wallet can be integrated with Alexa by Amazon

  • Users can integrate IOTA protocol with the Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa to check their fund balance on the Trinity wallet.
  • Integration between IOTA wallet and Amazon Alexa is enabled via Alexa Skill.

A new tutorial by IOTA developer Hugo Gregersen shows how users can integrate the IOTA protocol with Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. That way, users can check the balance they have on the IOTA Trinity wallet. Gregersen explains that the Amazon Alexa app allows developers to create “Alexa skills” that operate like voice-activated smartphone applications. Thus, the virtual assistant learns things that can interact with other products and services. In this case, the IOTA protocol.

The developer further explains that the integration of IOTA with Amazon Alexa allows to improve the user experience with Alexa. They can use the virtual assistant in many use cases. The developer gives the example of a hypothetical hotel owner who uses the app to issue a voice command and check the balance of his wallet connected to other devices and services. For this, the user does not need a gadget or an additional application, he just needs to install Alexa on his mobile device.

How does IOTA integrate with Amazon’s Alexa?

Gregersen explains the process of creating an Alexa Skill can be done via the Alexa Developer Console. This is possible via the AWS Lambda, an Amazon cloud platform that is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using this platform, developers can host and run Python code that uses the Alexa Skill created:

(…) we define how we will interact with Alexa so that she understands our intent during the conversation. Next, we take the Python code where we have all the functions needed for our new Alexa Skill and upload the code as a hosted AWS Lambda function in the Amazon Web Services cloud. Next, we “connect” our Alexa Skill to the Lambda function so that Alexa know what code and functions to run when we interact with her. And finally, we test our new Alexa Skill.

To create an Alexa Skill, developers can simply open a free account and enter the Alexa Developer Console at the following link. There, developers can find several tools that can also be accessed by other community members or users who want to create their own Alexa Skill to integrate it with IOTA.

Once this is done, the user has to make a series of specifications such as configuring the invocation specifications for Alexa, the intent and the keywords that activate the application. For example, a key phrase made with these words could be “Check IOTA Balance”. At the same time, Gregersen statesd the following:

The simplest way to get you started with creating your own version of this project (such as changing the IOTA addresses used for checking balances) is to simply modify the file inside the .zip file and upload the modified .zip file to your existing Lambda function.

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