IOTA Reddit, Discord, Blogs, Best site to find IOTA News? 3 Sources to follow.

Do you look for iota coin news ?
IOTA cryptocurrency is evolving constantly and you might want to find the last news from it,
If thats your case we will talk about a list of sites like iota reddit, iota discord and blogs you might want to check to keep iota news up to date.

Some recurrent info for newpeople is asking, what does iota stand for ?

What does IOTA stand for?

Good question, we all had this doubt about IOTA definition, maybe each letter means something? why they selected IOTA to name this currency? any hidden IOTA meaning?
Well, the short answer is, each letter doesn’t mean anything difference, the fact they used IOTA name, is derived from the fact this project aims to be used in the IOT word.
Since IOTA technically means a very very very tinny thing, like micropayments and the currency is going to be used used with IOT (internet of things), they just tought its a nice name to represent the project.

We can say they just took IOT and add an “A” for better sonority, and since the result also represents something very tiny, it fits perfectly; and thats the reason reason about why IOTA is named IOTA.

IOTA Value

If you are looking for the actual IOTA Price, you have a lot of sites you can check, on this website for example, you have a very big square on your right that shows the current price live, the price cames from diferent exchanges, making an average price.
If you want a direct source, you must check the price on each and every market, for example, binance, bitfinex, hitbtc…
There are quite several markets where you can buy or sell your IOTA’s for other currencies. Each has its own features, fees, and features, so you must check them carefully. The most used ones are binance and bitfinex since they hold quite a big daily volume of IOTA’s.

IOTA reddit

Reddit is a very very big website well known and works somehow like a forum, but a little bit different.
Reddit hold a big amount of users and thousands of subcategories about different categories.

In this case, IOTA has its down category (like most cryptocurrencies), and people post questions and news to talk about them.
To access the site you can do it by clicking in this link:
There is also a less known subreddit called IOTA Makets where people might talk about price and speculative things.

Is IOTA reddit the best site to find news? where, technically is not an official website but thanks to the fact people talk a lot, simetimes you might find news that are not published on every IOTA news website, so it is worth to have a look at it from time to time.

IOTA Discord

Did you know there is an official discord channel where you can even talk with IOTA Foundation members and understand how the project is progressing? in fact there are several IOTA Servers related, if you want join the offical one here is the link:

If you are already registered on discord, you will get an image like this one, all you need is click “accept invite”

Iota discord


IOTA Coin Official News

Aside reddit, discord, you must also check the official blog of IOTA website, here you will find an announcement section, the link is: and here are posted very relevant news about the project, news partnerships and importat news.

IOTA Price Chart

To check the historical price of IOTA you can use
If you dont know it, its a website where you can check the price of IOTA and follow actual buy/sells people is doing in a Market. In this case the bitfinex market:

Its a very interesting website since it allows you use diferent TA (technical analysis) tools, like MACD, SAR, EMA…
and then maybe help you to do better trades, dont use it as a surefire iota price prediction, but it always help to have average algorithms to make decisions.

IOTA Foundations Twitters

One of the best sources to get last news is to follow on Twitter all the members of IOTA Foundation, like David Sonstebo, Popov… and diferent developers that are working to solve the IOTA system to be scalable.



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