IOTA Co-Founder: There Will Be So Much Progress over the Coming Weeks and Months

Dominik Schiener, the co-founder of IOTA, has recently assured the community members of various developments coming to the ecosystem in the next few weeks and months.

He said this in response to the release of the latest version of Pollen testnet. In the tweet, Schiener praised IOTA Foundation for the way it carries out its responsibilities for the growth of the ecosystem.

This individual further stated that the recent achievement will give rise to more progress soonest and that these expected developments will bring IOTA ecosystem to the full realization of the community’s objective.

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Dominik Schiener tweeted, “The level of execution and delivery of the IOTA Foundation is absolutely amazing. There will be so much progress over the coming weeks plus months. We’re getting closer than ever to achieve our objective of being fully production-ready. ”

Improvements and Changes in the Version of Pollen Testnet

The new version brought about the shipping of the first iteration of the Distributed Random Number Generator (dRNG). Clock synchronization was also added to the new version, including major changes to the payload layout, among others.

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Below are other improvements and changes effected on the Pollen testnet as stated in the detailed blog post :

  1. Add multiple dRNG committees support: Pollen, X-Team and Custom.
  2. Add clock synchronization plugin via NTP.
  3. Add basic codeQL analysis pipeline for common vulnerability scanning.
  4. Add basic HTTP authentication.
  5. Change payload layout to be more similar to the one specified for Chrysalis phase 2 .
  6. Improve rand-seed to write its output to a file.
  7. Improve the Docker network by making MongoDB, Grafana in addition to Prometheus optional so that startup/shutdown times are low when not needed.
  8. Upgrade to the latest hive. go.
  9. Upgrade NodeJS dependencies of the dashboard.
  10. Fix several security issues.
  11. Refactor the entire codebase to make the package structure flat and more consistent with Hornet.
  12. Move data structures to hive. go
  13. Remove JWT authentication due to security issues from the package dgrijalva/jwt-go

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