IOTA based EDAG CityBot could be used in warehouses from 2025

  • EDAG Group has published a new video showing how the CityBot, based on IOTA technology, operates in the logistics sector.
  • Due to the IoT technology, the CityBot is able to work in a fully automated ecosystem.

The EDAG Group has launched a new video showing the capabilities of the CityBot for the logistics sector. As a result of the cooperation of the EDAG engineering service group with the IOTA Foundation, the CityBot could be a game changer from 2025 in this area.

In the new video, the CityBot operates in a fully automated warehouse that is in perfect harmony with its ecosystem to automate important tasks of item location, transport, loading and sorting of cargo. According to its multi-functional model with 24/7/365 operation, completely autonomous and emission-free, it can be seen on the video how the CityBot locates items in real time, interacts with them and is paying for services, using IOTA.

However, the CityBot is not just a transport vehicle. Being integrated into a single full-service software platform, the CityBot can track items in real time. That way, the tasks are highly efficient and as can be seen in the video the CityBot can also choose the most suitable tools to complete them in cooperation with multiple units. The EDAG Group added the following as a description of the capabilities of CityBot:

In highly automated areas such as warehouses and distribution centres, it is realistic to suppose that the EDAG CityBot will be able to ensure barrier-free material flows from 2025 onwards – autonomously, without emissions, on time, with real-time tracking and 24/7/365 availability.

What makes the business models possible is IOTA as a data communication and payment protocol. The services are offered on an IOTA-enabled marketplace, and charged and paid for after execution by either machine-to-machine or machine-to-infrastructure payments.

IOTA is part of the future of the mobility industry

The CityBot was also presented at the SafetyWeek 2020 that took place between the first and third of September in the city of Würzburg, Germany. As a platinum sponsor of the event, the EDAG group presented CityBot as part of the future of Smart Cities. The EDAG Group stated:

Thanks to a large number of backpack and trailer modules, the EDAG CityBot can be configured as required, e.g. as a passenger cell, cargo carrier, city cleaning and waste disposal unit, or for park maintenance.

Additionally, EDAG Group announced that it has managed to partner with Goodyear. This way, the CityBot will have reliable tires and also “a constant connection to the software control” of the EDAG CityBot ecosystem. The vehicle will use a sensor that will allow it to monitor the temperature, pressure and how much a tire has worn. Thus, it will be able to minimize costs and increase the performance of the CityBot.

As reported by CNF, about two months ago EDAG also demonstrated the use of the CityBot at airports. There, the automated vehicle was used to complete security tasks, as one of its countless use cases. In a recent statement, the IOTA Foundation stated the following about its cooperation with the EDAG group:

With outstanding teams of forward-thinking individuals, the EDAG Group and the IOTA Foundation are jointly challenging the status quo. By utilizing IOTA’s open source, feeless and green infrastructure the EDAG CityBot is able to securely interact with millions of humans and machines. This ultimately creates a safe, automated and sustainable environment for us humans.

Below you can see the full video showing the capabilities of the EDAG’s CityBot in a warehouses and distribution centre:

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