How we print IOTA TShirts

There are several ways and methods to print images on T-Shirts,
Usually, massive companies, use a screen impresion, witch is not bad, and its quick,
however when you want print with high quality, like we do in all of our IOTA Tshirt models,
you must use special printers that print slowly like an “ink-jet” printer like this one:

This type of printers allows a much vivid color impresion and also a better detail and contrast image.
The single problem is its slower and more expensive to print.

We tried to use other methods with our IOTA Tshirts, but the fact there is a limit amount of colors printed at a time, makes it a less viable solution if you are trying to have the best quality possible.

How Expensive is a Tshirt Printer?

Did you ever think about printing your own IOTA HODL Tshirt ?
Well, if you wonder how expensive can be to have your own Tshirt Printer, let me say you its not something cheap.

Unless you want build a business around printing T-Shirts and invest quite a lot of time, its can be very frustrating and time consuming, since its not just the printer itself, you also need to have an high amount of avaialable T-Shirt colors, an high amount of T-Shirt size, and lot of ink ! and if you have a printer at home, you know inkjet printers eats a lot of ink! So its difficult your investmet return a profit in short term. You will need to get a lot of orders, otherwise will be pretty difficult.

T-Shirt Impression models prices can vary between 20 000$ to 65 000$ ! thats a huge investment!
So If you want a IOTA T-Shirt, let us do the job for you, you will not be dissapointed!



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  1. I never heard about this method, This is totally a new method for me! I am going to apply this method for my new T-shirts! thanks a lot for sharing this amazing method.

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