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How to Install IOTA Trinity Wallet Safely?

Considering the amount of virus, trojans, and malware that exist, its normal to think why Hardware wallets had such high success, since with CryptoCoins we are our own Bank, and there is no one we can claim in case someone steal our tokens. Thats the reason in this article we are going to explain the easy steps to install the IOTA Trinity Wallet in a safe environment, in this case a Linux Distribution called Xubuntu.

Trinity Wallet, The Best Software Wallet for IOTA

Trinity Wallet is also available for Windows, but for windows is as easy as click “next next next” and should not return any problem for standar users, however Windows is always a more critical platform, specially if you are moving something imposible to take back like a IOTA Coin Cryptocurrency or any other.


Trinity Wallet On Linux

You can select any other distribution you like, but Xubuntu requires low performance machine, so works very quick, doesn’t take lot of space, and is full of preinstalled features, also for users that are used to work with Windows, Xubuntu will look somehow familiar and you will feel confortable using the Trinity Wallet.


First Step For The Wallet Installation

All you need is an empty USB pen drive and a few programs we are going to explain in the next lines.
Our computer operating system will never be modified, and linux will run in “live mode” over the USB.

First step, download xubuntu from
Here is a quicker access to the ISO File in case you need it:

Now we need to install some software to “burn” the ISO file in a PenDrive. (recommend at least a 4 GB one)
in this case i will use “linuxliveusb” from
but there are more tools like unetbootin.
So download the program, install it, open it, plug the PenDrive (all data will be removed so use pendrive you dont need).

  • Step1 of the program, you select the pendrive.
  • Step2 you select the ISO/IMG/ZIP and then find the xubuntu file we downloaded a few minutes ago.
  • On the Step 4 just check the second one (format) and leave the rest unchecked.

You are almost done, just left to click the Thunder Icon on Step 5 and Wait!

trinity wallet
After finish the creation, now you need to reboot the computer with the USB Pendrive Plugged In,
and it should start to load the Linux Operating System.
In case it doesn’t, means its not configured to boot from USB, so you must open the BIOS of your computer and change it.
Each computer might have a different way to enter the BIOS, so you must google your computer model in case you dont know how to.


Installing the Trinity Wallet

Once the Linux OS is booted, you must follow the next steps.

  1. Open website
  2. Select the Linux Icon download
  3. Once Downloaded, right click on the file and select propieties
  4. Inside the last Tab, check the last option “Allow to run as a program”

And thats it! Now you know how to Install the Trinity Wallet, So easy to follow, that anyone with a bit of time
can do it in a matter of minutres, or even seconds!

There is a last thing to remember, you must never forget to write, print and save your seed before move in any IOTA coin!
Nothing is saved in the Linux OS, each time you boot it, it will be fresh again, so thats the reason its very important you save, print, and even write manually your seed.

Now you know how to move into a safe environment to work with your favourite cryptocurrency token!

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Using Trinity Wallet

Now that we have our Trinity Wallet fully installed, we are going to explain some details about its working.
Once installed and selected a password for our wallet, we have  a very interesting option that makes the iota coin transacctions much more quicker.
I am talking about the delegated POW function,
With the old wallet we were not able to say to the node to do the POW for us, but with trinity this function is available,

So when a node supports that function, they will do the pow extremly quickly and in a matter of seconds, your transaction will be sended. Thats a huge step-up for restricted devices.
Also remember to enable the 2FA inside the wallet, this will add an extra layer of security when using your trinity wallet.


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