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How To Buy IOTA’s – Simple Guide

Do you need a simple quick guide about how to buy IOTA’s ? Here it is.
First of all you need to select an exchanger that allows you to transfer FIAT (dollars/euros).
Usually bank wires are almost free, and some of them like SEPA (european type of bank wire) are totally free on most banks, also this type of wire takes about 1 or two days máximum.

For european people, one of the most used exchanger to load fiat is or and one of the most used ones in USA is along many others.

So once you did your selection, its time to buy IOTAS! over time IOTA will be listed on most exchanges, but right now, its not available neither con Coinbase, Kraken or Bitstamp,

However IOTA is available on some other exchanges like or
So, we select one, lets say Binance, we register and we must select a coin thats binance and our Fiat exchanger have in common, most big cryptos are available everywhere, like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin… you name it…

So since we already got a common crypto-coin, the next step is exchange at (lets say)  our Euros to Ethereum, and then we should deposit those Ethereum into our account of Binance.

Dont get lost, its easy, when you want receive some coins in your Binance account, just find the “deposit” option, and they will provide you an address related to the coin you want deposit.
Once you have the ETH Address where you want send the ethereum coins, you must find the “Withdraw” option in your kraken Account and Withdraw those ethereum into the Binance deposit address!

After about 15 minutes, the coins will arrive to Binance, and there you will be able to exchange them into IOTA’s!

Easy peasy, now you can withdraw your IOTA’s into your wallet, remember its not always a good idea to have your coins stored in the exchanger; There is a big history of exchangers that closed doors, and then people was unable to have back their money. They are mean to be a temporary storage tool and not a permanent one.
As soon as you can, always download an official IOTA wallet, like Trinity, its a very easy and safe wallet.

If you want extra safety, its always good idea to install your wallet in a Linux Live environment, witch can be safer in case you are not sure if you have any virus in your windows computer.

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