How a IOTA Mug Is Printed?

On our previous article we explained how a IOTA TShirt are printed and explainded the two different ways
this can be achieved.
In this post we are not going to talk about IOTA T-Shirts, but about IOTA Mugs ! How a mug is printed?
are there ink-jet printers for mugs like ink-jet printers for Tshirts ?

The response is no! Mugs are printed by sublimation, the impresion in a mug is first printed in a special paper,
this paper is then introduced in a special device that heats the paper, while touching the mug,
After a few seconds, (about 30 seconds), the ink is transfered to the mug my sublimation, and becomes like a skin for the mug.

Believeme, this print last near forever! doesn’t matter how much you wash your new Mug, if you take care of it, it will last!

How Much it Cost?


Ever wondered how those devices cost and look like? There are a lot of models in the market, and also price can vary quite a  lot, but that type of products are way cheaper than Ink-Jet Printers for T-Shirts.

IT all depends on how much you want spend, since there are models that accepts two or more mugs at same time,
but usually with a few hundred of dollars, you can get one of those.

This model for example has heat control, and allows you to have a more procise heat control with a digital screen, making the process more accurate and safe, remember you dont want overheat the printing or the mug, and in this case, a digital controled sensor return high precision in the measurement.

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