IOTA Tshirt

How IOTA Tangle Works?

When Bitcoin was first released 2009 it started a new concept of money revolution. People claimed that the blockchain would solve an high amount of problems and that it has countless number of applications. Blockchains in fact have very relevant and interesting properties, however they have also quite some limitations. This is why  the creators of …

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How we print IOTA TShirts

There are several ways and methods to print images on T-Shirts, Usually, massive companies, use a screen impresion, witch is not bad, and its quick, however when you want print with high quality, like we do in all of our IOTA Tshirt models, you must use special printers that print slowly like an “ink-jet” printer …

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IOTA and Electric Vehicles

Welcome to untangled a podcast sponsored by IOTA foundation exploring the real-world applications of this tangle a unique distributed ledger technology researched and developed by the iota foundation in today’s episode we will be talking about electric vehicles while climate change continues to be a matter of global concern only baby steps are taken politically …

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Eric Hop – Interview

welcome to the crypto pulse podcast we’re here to guide you through the cryptocurrency universe using our knowledge tactics tips and tools so that you’re empowered to make decisions will also be interviewing some of the best minds in the industry and CEOs of crypto projects to developers authors and industry leaders and now for …

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